Walk With Family and Friends

Walk With Family and Friends

You are doing a great job of incorporating walking into your everyday life. We hope that you’re seeing the benefits of your commitment. Now it’s time to share the wealth! Have you inspired anyone to walk with you? Check out some of this week’s resources to help you get your family and friends on a healthier journey too. 


Walking with your kids is a great way to keep both of you active and happy. Get some tips to make it fun and easy in this week’s blog. Join the private Facebook group to connect with us and other program participants, in addition to receiving daily motivation and tips throughout the challenge. Enjoy the walking tunes in this week’s Spotify playlist and hear a testimonial from Jenny about how self-care is important in her family.

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Do You Inspire Your Family and Friends to Walk?

Share how you inspire the people around you to walk in the private Facebook group.