Walk for a Cause

Walk for a Cause

Walking is an actual representation of change, whether physically, mentally, or even for a cause that you care about. Why do you walk? Whether you walk for a cause or not, there are so many reasons to walk. Check out some of the resources that we’ve created to help you discover more about walking for a cause.  


Read more about how walking for a cause that’s important to you is a great way to motivate yourself to walk while also doing good. Join the private Facebook group to connect with us and other program participants, in addition to receiving daily motivation and tips throughout the challenge. Enjoy the walking tunes in this week’s Spotify playlist and hear a testimonial from Jessica about how she walks for a cause.

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week six playlist

testimonial from Jessica

Do You Walk For A Cause?

Whether you register for a 5k or join a walking group that touches your community, there are so many reasons to walk. Let us know why you walk in the private Facebook group.