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Katy Lang is the Program Manager for WalkArlington. She started living car-free in Arlington eight years ago and is passionate about pedestrian safety and finding great running routes.

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Our team’s favorite day of the year is National Walking Day, and we’re planning a big celebration to honor walking and all of you.

National Walking Day on April 3 is WalkArlington’s favorite day of the year, of course. It’s a day that celebrates the joys and importance of walking, Arlington’s walkable community, and all of the people who walk, including you.

Moving Around in Arlington

Walking is our favorite way to move around Arlington. It makes us happier, gives us a boost of creativity, improves our health, and fosters social interaction. Arlington has a robust sidewalk network, walkable urban villages, and 50+ miles of paved trails that enable walking and make it fun. It’s a great place to walk!

Our team believes the best way to make a new friend and explore a place is by walking, so we’re giving you some opportunities to move your feet and build community. We’re hosting two events on April 3 you aren’t going to want to miss—a lunchtime pit stop along Columbia Pike and an evening social walk and happy hour.

Celebrate All Day Long

Visit a Pit Stop

Take a break from your daily lunchtime activities and visit one of four pit stops set up around Arlington from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Walk away with health and wellness tips and some fun giveaways. WalkArlington will be set up at the Columbia Pike pit stop, so come say hello. Be sure to register.

Go for an Evening Walk

In addition to hosting a lunchtime pit stop on Columbia Pike, WalkArlington has partnered with Arlington Transportation Partners to bring you an evening social walk and happy hour in Rosslyn. Social walks focus on bringing people together in conversation and exploration. National Walking Day is the perfect day to do that with you!

The evening celebration will start with a short walk around Rosslyn, one of Arlington’s most walkable neighborhoods. Attendees will get to know each other, experience the sights of Rosslyn by foot, and enjoy the benefits of an evening stroll. After the walk, we will gather at Heavy Seas Alehouse for happy hour and appetizers. Whether or not you make it on the walk with us, we hope you can stop by the happy hour for community building and giveaways.

Registrations the pit stops and evening walk are separate, so be sure to register for both events.

A Different Way to End Your Day

At the end of a long day, it’s easy to head straight for the couch to put our feet up. So before you start your journey home from the office or run the next errand on your list on April 3, try something a little bit different. Come experience joy and make a new friend while going for an evening stroll.

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