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What is TDM?

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) is the flip side of infrastructure. TDM focuses on helping people use the existing infrastructure in place for transit, ridesharing, walking, biking, telework and driving. It is cost-effective in guiding the design of our transportation options so that alternatives to driving alone are naturally encouraged and our systems are better balanced.

As DS&MG CEO Lois DeMeester says, “Traffic jams occur when demand for our infrastructure exceeds supply. Transportation demand management offers fiscally responsible programs that promote better use of our existing infrastructure.”

TDM is Changing Transportation

TDM also supports Arlington County’s initiatives: transit-oriented development, complete streets, walkable activity centers, livability and sustainability initiatives and integrated corridor management.

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Visit our in-house partners at Mobility Lab for leading TDM research and best practices. Mobility Lab is an international think tank based in Arlington County working to increase awareness about better transportation options.