Join a Walking Group and Never Walk Alone Again

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Katy Lang is the Program Manager for WalkArlington. She started living car-free in Arlington nine years ago and is passionate about finding great running routes and safety for people walking.

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Move those feet and go on a group walk.

Meet new walking buddies and never walk alone again. In addition to WalkArlington events and walking tours, there are regular groups to join and meet ups that happen in Arlington. Whether you’re looking to socialize with folks in your neighborhood or explore nature in northern Virginia, there are walks for varying interests, ages, and abilities.

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I Want to Meet New People and Find My Community

I Want to Get Fit or Stay Fit

Walking groups and meet ups are a great way to meet new people and try something new. If you’d prefer to create your own walk with your neighbors or coworkers, choose from 25 self-guided walking tours to get started.

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