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Clubs and Groups

Arlington Senior Adult Walking Clubs

Arlington senior adults can walk with other senior adults two days a week. There are three County-sponsored senior walking clubs leaving from three different locations.  Find out more.

Arlington Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Do you walk in Arlington?  How about your kids and your parents? Is walking in Arlington a pleasant experience?

Would you like to walk more? Are there reasons you don't? Obstructions? Time? Safety concerns? Do you have ideas for improvements? If so, the Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC) wants to hear from you.  The Committee is made up of volunteers who keep the County focused on making Arlington a better place to walk -- from the high-rise canyons of Rosslyn, Ballston, and Crystal City to the leafy residential areas of North, South, and West Arlington.  Come to any Committee meeting.

The Pedestrian Advisory Committee advises the County Board and the County Manager on the implementation of the Pedestrian Transportation Plan and other pertinent matters the Committee deems important and to advocate for the needs of pedestrians in Arlington.

The Committee holds regular meetings, open to the public, on the second Wednesday of every month.  All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and end at 9:00 p.m. Meetings are held in the Birch Conference Room, on the lobby level of Courthouse Plaza, 2100 Clarendon Boulevard, unless otherwise noted. Specific PAC meeting dates and any updates can be found on the WalkArlington events page.

Staff Contact: David Goodman, 703-228-3709, TDD: 711

PAC Chairman: Dennis Jaffe

Website: Advisory & Commissions

Online Discussion Group: Arlington PAC on Google Groups

For information on current County plans and projects, visit

Click link, for information on PAC’s Call for “Reasonable Standards” for Newspaper Box Placement

Pedestrian Advisory Committee Charter


The Arlington County Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC) will be established and its members appointed by the County Manager.


The PAC will advise the County Manager on issues that impact the quality of pedestrian life in Arlington County, including, but not limited to: safety, health, access and mobility, maintenance and development, and the recognition of pedestrian activities as fundamental to a complete transportation system.


The committee will:

  1. Advise the Manager on implementation of the Pedestrian and Streets elements of the Master Transportation Plan (MTP).
  2. Advise on proposed capital programming activities.
  3. Advise the Manager on project and development issues related to accessibility/ADA compliance, traffic safety, sidewalk and building frontage activity and innovative or best practices.
  4. Provide a forum for citizens to comment on the quality of pedestrian life in Arlington, and advance the cause of improved pedestrian transportation.
  5. Promote greater citizen advocacy for placemaking and improved quality of public space.

Membership Qualifications & Duties

PAC members will be Arlington County residents or employed in Arlington.  They will be expected to have a general knowledge of or professional interest in pedestrian issues and best practices.  Ideally, it should include representatives of the following organizations or interest groups:

  1. Transportation Commission
  2. Planning Commission
  3. Disabilities Advisory Commission
  4. Commission on Aging
  5. Homeowners and apartment dwellers
  6. Business improvement districts
  7. Arlington Public Schools or PTA’s
  8. Public health advocates

The PAC’s Chair and Vice-Chair will be responsible for: developing meeting agendas, running public meetings, administering any on-line committee presence and facilitating votes and any official correspondence. 

Appointments & Duration

The PAC will comprise between 7 and 15 members formally appointed by the County Manager.  Each member will serve renewable two-year terms.  The PAC will present a slate of proposed members for the County Manager’s approval prior to the start of each calendar year.  The County Manager retains the right to select members as needed to ensure the committee reflects the demographic and geographic diversity of Arlington as a whole.  The Chair may nominate additional members for County Manager approval when useful and appropriate.   

The PAC will select its Chair and Vice-Chair for terms of up to two years duration.   Other topic-specific officers will be assigned as needed. 

Public Involvement

The PAC is expected to convene a public meeting at least every other month, but might choose to meet more often.  A full calendar year of meetings should be set up in advance and posted to a publicly accessible forum or forums.  To help engage those not naturally inclined to attend public meetings, the PAC should develop an on-line presence using Google Groups or other social media tools appropriate to its mission. 


An employee of the DES Transportation Planning Bureau will be assigned the task of Staff Coordinator and Committee Liaison.  Other staff will be called upon for support as needed. 


The Committee will prepare a summary of the proceedings of each public meeting for the benefit of its members and for the County Manager’s review. The Committee will make that summary available to the public within two weeks, and may compile the year’s meeting summaries and Committee accomplishments in the form of an Annual Report.

Minutes of the Pedestrian Advisory Committee meetings are available in here.

For issues related to sidewalks and maintenance, please go to Arlington County’s new Report A Problem.

Did You Know?

Arlington County is one of only 15 Gold-level Walk Friendly Communities in the U.S.


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