Arlington Highlighted as Example of Walkability for the Nation

July 8, 2016

Lauren Hassel, WalkArlington

Also posted in the Arlington County, Virginia Newsroom

America Walks and the Every Body Walk! Collaborative has just released “America’s Walking Renaissance,” a new book that takes readers on a journey across the United States looking at walkable cities of all shapes and sizes and providing resources and firsthand accounts of the growing “walking movement.”

Arlington is one of nine communities featured in the book.

Lauded for decades of visionary leadership, progressive transportation planning and engaged citizenry, Arlington’s “smart growth journey” is held up as a walk friendly model for other communities to follow. With quotes from former County Board member Chris Zimmerman, Transportation Director Dennis Leach and WalkArlington, the book outlines Arlington’s recipe for walkability and celebrates the County’s multi-modal pathway to success.

Written by Jay Walljasper, Kate Kraft and Heidi Simon of America Walks and with a forward by Tyler Norris of Kaiser Permanente, “America’s Walking Renaissance” examines nine cities, suburbs and towns nationwide that have embraced walking, highlighting local efforts undertaken by passionate individuals to get more people walking in more walkable places more of the time.

The book looks back at progress made to encourage walking across the U.S. and guides and inspires those just getting started on the path to walkability.

To create walkability, Leach says, “You just start somewhere. You create pockets of walkability between people’s homes and centers of community activity like schools, gyms, bus stops, retail services.  The more people you have walking, the more comfortable it is for others to walk.”

In addition to being a gateway to increased physical activity and a stimulus to safer, more livable and equitably prosperous communities, walking is one of many options for getting around in Arlington. The County’s transportation program provides access to regional rail and bus service, along with our own local bus service (Arlington Transit) and supports bicycling, bikesharing and carsharing. There are also programs such as Complete Streets, which aim to make our transportation network safe and accessible for everyone.

Visit WalkArlington for a wealth of resources including neighborhood walking routes, events, year-round safety tips and more.

Learn more about America Walks and download a free pdf copy of “America’s Walking Renaissance.”

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