Celebrating Neighborhood Day on Foot with a WalkArlington Walkabout

May 20, 2014

Walkers at High View ParkWalkers at Langston Community Center

Abundant sunshine and perfect temperatures greeted nearly 75 walkers of all ages and walks of life for the debut of WalkArlington’s  High View Park /Waverly Hills/Cherrydale Walkabout, the latest in our series of self-guided neighborhood walking routes and the final installment in our limited edition Walk Friendly Community  Walkabouts.  The May 18th three-neighborhood Walkabout was also a fitting conclusion to Arlington’s Neighborhood Day [broken link removed 1-8-2016] weekend festivities!

This Walkabout achieved several milestones. For one, it was the first Walkabout to feature three neighborhoods; most feature one and some two. For another, the May 18th route showcased 17 stops, nearly double the number of stops on a typical Walkabout route. And although the full two-loop Walkabout route was shortened for the purposes of Sunday’s debut, the “short” distance still neared 4 miles. Most of our routes range between 2 and 2.5 miles.

Mary HinesHigh View Park speakerGlebe Elementary representative

Still, there was no other way to properly highlight all three of these Walk Friendly neighborhoods, so we rose to the challenge. Over hills and dales, along high views and back trails, and with the support of Arlington’s finest, we kicked off the High View Park/Waverly Hills/Cherrydale Walkabout in the High View Park neighborhood with remarks at Langston-Brown Community Center by Arlington County Board Vice Chair Mary Hynes.

High View Park, historically and still locally known as Hall’s Hill, Civic Association President Willie Jackson-Baker and longtime resident Adreanne Bell-Justice took it from there, sharing history and memories as walkers took in neighborhood highlights from Fire Station 8 to Hall’s Hill Gateway Park to Calloway United Methodist/Cemetery to High View Park to “the Great Wall.” 

Waverly Hills speakerCherrydale Volunteer Fire Dept.Cherrydale speakerCherrydale speakerWaverly Hills speakerAvalon Arlington North

Walkers continued on to Waverly Hills, on to Cherrydale and back to Waverly Hills, listening to remarks from guest speakers at two schools (Glebe Elementary, H-B Woodlawn); multiple historic sites (Glebe House, Cherrydale Volunteer Fire Department); markets, restaurants and shops (La Union, Cherrydale “Downtown”, Cassatt’s/Lee Heights Shops); a library (Cherrydale Branch Library), and several parks (Woodstock.)  Remarks covered the gamut of Arlington history and the Arlington experience, from the American Revolution to the Civil War, the civil rights era to the present day. 

At our final official stop (Woodstock Park), County Board member John Vihstadt shared his perspective as a longtime Arlingtonian and avid walker and cyclist. Then as we neared the home stretch, our new neighbors at Arlington Avalon North greeted us with water bottles and answered questions about the soon-to-open residential development along 20th Road. 

Passing through the Glebewood historic district, the Walkabout ended at the Strawberry Cottage playground next to Langston-Brown Community Center, right where it had started. WalkArlington congratulated our intrepid walkers for helping reach this milestone and wished everyone a happy Neighborhood Day.  

The High View Park/Waverly Hills/Cherrydale Walkabout is one of a series of self-guided neighborhood walking tours developed and promoted by WalkArlington, the County initiative to “get more people walking in more walkable places more of the time” by advancing the health, environmental, economic, community-building and transportation benefits of walking. This route, the 24th in our series of Walkabouts and the fourth of our limited edition “Walk Friendly Community Walkabouts,” was developed by six residents of High View Park, Waverly Hills and Cherrydale, who nominated their neighborhood during WalkArlington’s Walk Friendly Community Walkabout nomination campaign, launched in recognition of Arlington’s 2011 designation as a Gold-Level Walk Friendly Community.  

If you missed Sunday’s High View Park/ Waverly Hills/ Cherrydale Walkabout, never fear! The Walkabout is designed to be self-guided, so just print out the two-page, two-loop route map online and head out to High View Park /Waverly Hills/Cherrydale for a pleasant and information-packed stroll through four centuries of Arlington history!

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