Summer To Do List: Have Fun on Foot!

June 5, 2013

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You know summer has arrived in the region because it’s HOT, schools are closed, and everyone is out—locals, tourists and even cicadas!  Well, forget the heat, crowds, and bugs.  Summer will be gone before you know it, so be sure to take advantage of the plethora of activities offered this season, from international festivals to outdoor concerts, walks in the park to strolls around the museums. And in these parts, there are plenty of opportunities for refreshment along the way, whether a quick snack from a food truck or a sit-down dining experience at a local restaurant.

Not sure where to start?  Arlington County offers a host of opportunities for summer fun, from trails and nature centers to water parks and outdoor movie screenings to concerts.  And for the gourmands, there are numerous al fresco dining options as well as farmers markets. Of course, many of these attractions and events can be found on the Arlington Convention and Visitors Service and Arlington County  websites. 

Better yet, if you really want to explore the “hidden gems” of Arlington, then all you need to do is visit WalkArlington’s website and go to the Walkabouts page.  There you will find more than 20 self-guided walking tours highlighting the history, cultural attractions, natural resources, transportation options, and overall character of Arlington’s most walkable neighborhoods.  From the menu on the left side of the screen, click on the Walkabout neighborhoods listed to explore your options, from urban villages to rolling parkland, quaint neighborhoods to city streets.  Print out a map and start your staycation adventure on foot. You’ll soon see why Arlington neighborhoods have become a destination for locals who stay put as well as visiting vacationers. also offers a calendar of events, so check it out as you research your summer itinerary.  And don’t forget to review our Summer Walking Tips—after all, heat exhaustion and sunburn can ruin any kind of summer vacation!

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