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Arlington Forest was designated a National Historic District by the National Park Service in 2005. Henderson House, the first Arlington Forest residence, was built on a 468-acre summer estate back in 1894. This Walkabout features Lubber Run Park and Amphitheater, a slice of Glencarlyn Park, and a neighborhood covered by a dense natural canopy of mature trees. To lengthen the walk, follow the W&OD Trail in either direction for as long as your feet will carry you.

  • Length: 2.3 miles
  • Terrain: Gently rolling with quiet, tree-lined residential streets; an active bike/hike trail, and a secluded gem of an urban park
  • Car-Free Access
    To get to the start of each Walkabout route, there are plenty of car-free options.  Visit CarFreeNearMe to determine which of those options, from Capital Bikeshare to ART to Metro, is best for you. 
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  • Acknowledgements: Created with the Arlington Forest Citizens Association
  • PRINTABLE WALKABOUT ROUTE MAP IS AVAILABLE HERE: English or Spanish (PDF, 776 KB, Adobe Reader required)

Arlington Forest News You Can Use

Between Stops #5 and #7 is a small path that leads up to Carlin Springs Road from the W&OD Trail but most people prefer the paved route/detour onto the little Four Mile Run spur.

Have Some News We Can Use? As much as we try to keep our Walkabout maps up to date, Arlington keeps changing.  If you see something that's out-of-date in our Walkabouts maps or information, please use the Comments section below, or on any of the Walkabouts pages, to let us know and we'll add the update under News You Can Use for that Walkabout.

Map: Arlington Forest Walkabout
Click image for printable flyer including larger map (PDF, 776 KB, Adobe Reader required)

This video was created in 2007.

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Bill Bruffey
May 14, 2015, 9:00 AM

My name is Bill Bruffey. I grew up in Arlington Forest, 1944-1962.

My family was one of the original residents on the South side. My father owned the hardware store where each of my 4 sisters, brother and I worked growing up. I know Edgar MacIntosh well, owner of the dry cleaners.

Growing up in the "Forest", playing football on the circle, spending most of our childhood days in the "woods", hopping the train, falling off the railroad tressal to the creek below (scars on my face to prove it), boyscout with Troop 148 (Methodist Church), taking our wagon with a battery on board up to Route 50 during snow storms to jump start stranded cars, and story upon story, made my life as a young kid an experience there that no words can express how blessed we were.

Frank and Rosemary Bruffey

Original home owners

108 South Park Drive

Owner: Arlington Forest Hardware

Here's the letter that I had written to my oldest sister, Peggy, following George and Suzanne's 50th. It'll give you sense of the innocents of us all in 1960.


When it all began...

I'm sure you must remember my childhood friend, Doots Simpson. Leslie and I were invited by his family and their families to join them to celebrate he and his wife, Suzanne's 50th wedding anniversary. (I'm still trying to get my arms around this whole reality.) It was very, very cool. They both have the same wonderful humor and are still so youthful . And, to think it all began at my 16th birthday party at 108 S. Park Drive, the one that I gave myself. The one which, by the way, Mother didn't know anything about until just a week before it occurred. Not a smashing idea when I dropped it on her.

The party idea? Well, the way I saw Frank, had a 16th birthday party. Sister Rosie had a party...I think. So. Why not me? Only difference being that Mom and Dad just wanted me altogether out of the house at that period of my life, and putting on a big shindig to celebrate my birth was not likely at the top of their list of things to do for Billy. Introduction to the United States Air Force recruiter, a more likely celebrated event. Anyhow, I new that to make it happen, I had to soften-up Mother to the whole party idea. So, about a week before the big event, I had THE band come over to the house for a party rehearsal. Yes. Four of my neighborhood buddies and I had formed a band. I was lead singer. (It was a short-lived band.)

So, there we were. It's late afternoon. The band is in full rehearsal mode. We were set up in our living room. The house was rocking. The amplifiers had grandmother, Mimi, who was living with us then, in near cardiac distress. Knowing Mother would come through the front door from what was usually a long and a very difficult day at work, I thought how neat it would be to have the band strike up that 1960's song I was just certain Mother would love, "Won't you be my Girl."

Fooled me!

The determined way Mother walked in and through the living room to the kitchen without the slightest hesitation made me question whether she even noticed we were there. UNTIL...yes...UNTIL, I heard, "BILLY. WOULD YOU PLEASE COME IN TO THE KITCHEN?

"Now?," I asked.

"Yeeep!", she said.

Oh, gosh! All these thoughts began racing through mind. My song choice? Dickie Howard, the fat drummer kid in the corner who sweat too much? Or, was I off key...a little pitchy, perhaps? So, I anxiously entered the kitchen with a big smile and asked about her day.

"Pretty good...until now. And, by the way, WHAT'S going on here? And, WHILE we're at it, where's Mimi?"

After a lengthy, whispered back-and-forth discussion, mostly forth by Mother, she agreed in principle. No beer. Fine with me since I didn't like it to begin with.

So, the party went on. Doots and Suzy fell in love that evening, each for the first and only time in their lives. And, we celebrated that wonderful memory with their friends and their wonderful, wonderful family, which for us will be just as memorable as that party 53 years ago.

Bill and Leslie

October 11, 2011, 1:31 PM

Thanks so much for the October 10 comment about the Arlington Forest Walkabout. I like your idea about badges -- we'll look into it! As for the Arlington Forest route, it is a tad longer than most of our Walkabouts, but a professional cartographer creates our maps and the 2.3 mile distance is accurate.


> And you're right that it is a bit confusing between stops 5 and 7. There is a small path that leads up to Carlin Springs Road from the W&OD but most people prefer the paved route/detour that you took. We'll note your comment on the website so that others can benefit from your experience.


> Thanks again. Let us know what you think of our other Walkabouts when you get a chance!


Mary Fletcher Jones
October 10, 2011, 8:44 AM

I did this with my son. It was fun and there were some lovely parts but it seemed a lot longer than 2.3 miles, and I'm very glad we brought water. Fortunately he knew where to go as he had done it before with his dad, because I couldn't figure out the map very well. The trickiest part of this walk was between stops 5 and 7. You actually have to veer off the W&OD onto the little Four Mile Run spur, exit onto Carlin Springs Road and walk to the Mary Carlin House, about 3 blocks or so (which is a cul de sac so you can't turn there), then go up another block to stay on the walk-about path. That part was a little confusing. But I really liked it. We are going to do all of them. You know what would be fun is to get little badges, like Foursquare Badges, for each one you do. That would be cool.

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