Bluemont / Bon Air Walkabout

Named for the terminus of the railroad line that once bisected the neighborhood, Bluemont/Bon Air boasts an unrivalled network of trails, no fewer than six parks, and a thriving retail core extending from the highrises of Ballston to the small businesses along Wilson Boulevard. A central geographic location, shared history, and long-standing civic pride are forces that unify this multi-faceted neighborhood. From the days of Ball’s Crossroads to the heyday of the railroad to the arrival of Capital Bikeshare, Bluemont/Bon Air has kept Arlington connected, in space and time, by rail, by bike and on foot.  And the community has been involved every step of the way – whether helping tend its public gardens, staffing the Bluemont caboose or volunteering at its award-winning schools, a culture of engagement defines this neighborhood’s character — and will continue to guide its future.

The Bon Air/Bluemont Walkabout is the second route to be created as part of WalkArlington’s limited edition series of Walk Friendly Community Walkabouts, nominated by and developed with guidance from local residents in honor of Arlington’s designation as a Gold-Level Walk Friendly Community.  Two residents of Bon Air and Bluemont contributed to the creation and debut of this Walkabout, and we thank them for their input and inspiration!

  • Length: 2.5 mile main loop with 1.5 mile extension
  • Terrain: Mostly level trails, sidewalks, and streetscapes with a variety of street crossings, including crosswalks, bridges, and a tunnel
  • Car-Free Access
    To get to the start of each Walkabout route, there are plenty of car-free options.  Visit CarFreeNearMe to determine which of those options, from Capital Bikeshare to ART to Metro, is best for you. 
  • Comments
  • Acknowledgments: Created with Bluemont / Bon Air residents
  • PRINTABLE WALKABOUT ROUTE MAP IS AVAILABLE HERE: English or Spanish (PDF, 1.60 MB, Adobe Reader required) 

Bluemont / Bon Air News You Can Use

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Map: Bluemont-Bon Air Walkabout
Click image for larger map (PDF, 1.6 MB, Adobe Reader required)

User Comments

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December 19, 2013, 1:49 PM

"The Arlington County Board today accepted the updated Bluemont Neighborhood Conservation Plan, allowing the Bluemont Civic Association to pursue funding to transform the neighborhood to a true “urban village” with slower traffic, better sidewalks and revitalized commercial corridors." For more information, link here:

April 18, 2013, 3:07 PM

Just to clarify, unlike other maps produced by Arlington County, our Walkabout maps are intended to be light-hearted, recreational guides to Arlington's array of neighborhoods. To maintain that irreverent tone, our descriptive text routinely takes poetic license when naming stops and/or describing neighborhood features. We used the term Ballston Point for the stop you describe not in reference to the Ballston Point building but as a metaphor for the fact that this is the tip or "point" where the Bluemont/Bon Air Walkabout extension reaches Ballston.

And the location of the Lacey Car Barn historical marker is en route from this stop to the next (Beaver Pond), which is why we mention it in the Ballston Point description.

Bernie Berne
April 17, 2013, 9:34 PM

The box labeled "Ballston Point" in the Bluemont/Bon Air Walkabout map has several inaccuracies. This "historically busy intersection" at the crossing of Wilson Blvd. and N. Glebe Road is actually Ball's Crossroads. The text in the box at the bottom right of the page mentions this historic intersection.

In contrast, "Ballston Point" is the name of an office tower adjacent to Ballston Common Mall (see "Ballston Point" is located across the intersection from the box and its pointer, within a block to which the pointer does not point.

Additionally, the Lacey Car Barn, mentioned in the box, was located at a different intersection. An Arlington County historical marker near the northwest corner of Fairfax Drive and N. Glebe Road (in front of Marymount University's "Blue Goose" building) marks the former site of the Car Barn.

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