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Photo: teens walkingSince 1999, a collaborative effort of several County government agencies, Arlington Public Schools, and a number of student and parent groups, have made some significant progress towards encouraging students to walk and bicycle to school.

Multimodal Maps

Arlington Public Schools (APS) posts Multimodal Maps for all elementary, middle and high schools on its website. These maps are designed to assist families in planning safe routes to school.  The maps show:

  • Attendance Boundaries for the school (black lines).
  • Bus Zone (canary yellow) or the area within the attendance boundary where students are eligible for bus service.
  • Walk Zone (lavender) or the area within the attendance boundary where students are not eligible for bus service.
  • Locations of schools, crossing guards, trails, and public parks. Please note that for safety reasons, we do not list the locations of bus stops.

The maps represent current boundaries and bus service areas. The maps will be updated by APS from time to time as conditions change.

APS urges families to walk and/or drive the routes before the first day of school to determine the best route for their students.

Read more about Arlington Public Schools Transportation Services.

Walk to School Resources

If you’re looking for tips and resources on walking and biking to school, look no further than these helpful websites:

Arlington Public Schools Safe Routes to School

Arlington Public Schools Safety Tips for Walking to School or the Bus Stop

Pedestrian Safety information from the Arlington County Police Department

International Walk and Bike to School Website

Safe Routes to Schools

Arlington's approach to school transportation is modeled on "Safe Routes to Schools," a program that has taken hold across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Arlington quickly recognized the relevance of "Safe Routes" to our community and built an initiative centered around the following areas:


Although Safe Routes to Schools is a year-round program, Arlington joins with many other communities internationally each year in observing Walk to School Day during the month of October. Each year, Arlington Public Schools uses this occasion to keep Safe Routes in the consciousness of all APS parents and students by sending home a letter from the Superintendent reminding families of the safest routes to their particular school. Families and schools are also provided resources for participation put together by WalkArlington and BikeArlington.  Families are encouraged to walk to school together at least once to discover the best route and to discuss safety issues such as looking both ways at intersections, staying on well-lit pathways, and handling unexpected situations.

Evaluation and Engineering

A core element of the program is the evaluation of existing safety around all 30+ Arlington County schools and programs, and the engineering (design) and construction necessary to remedy the problems the evaluations uncover.

Early in the program, a team from the Arlington Police Department and Department of Public Works met with principals and other administrators to conduct safety evaluations of conditions at each school.

The school site visits identified more than 200 physical measures that were needed near the schools. Many of the improvements involved improving signage and markings at crosswalks and in school zones. Some involved adjustments to School and County operating policies and matters including snow removal, on-street parking and traffic signal timing.

Some of the prescribed remedies could be quickly and inexpensively attended to - and they were. These included, for example, the installation of new school zone flashing signals at about 10 schools; the relocation of parking and drop-off zones and clearance of overgrown vegetation at many. The Police Department, based on the evaluation, also initiated the use of crossing guards at all four of the County's middle schools. The guards were also given additional resources, such as cell phones, to help them with traffic control and to report potential dangers.

A list of longer-term projects also was developed--primarily traffic calming measures. All told, over one and a half million dollars of County funds have been directed to the Safe Routes to Schools projects. As of March 2006, all but a handful of the 27 planned street improvements (including the construction of new sidewalks, pedestrian refuge islands and curb extensions or nubs) have been completed. Visit the Safe Routes to Schools projects page for details. Implementation of additional projects will take place as funding is allocated, or as new schools are built or renovated.

In short, Safe Routes concepts have taken hold in Arlington County, and are very much a part of how the County's streets, sidewalks and school properties are designed and built.


Policies that address pedestrian safety issues are critical but only effective where enforced. In Arlington, enforcement efforts by County Police and Sheriff's Departments have focused on speeding, illegal turning, illegal parking, and security near County schools. The County's "speed trailers," which provide drivers with visual readout of their actual travel speeds, have been employed more frequently near schools, reducing the incidence of speeding on many roads.

Encouragement: the extra "e"

The final element of the Safe Routes to Schools project is encouragement. Through Arlington Public Schools curricula and collaboration with WalkArlington, BikeArlington, FitArlington, the Car-Free Diet, AIRE, and other County partners, students in Arlington Public Schools learn about how walking and biking to school provides them with healthy exercise and greater awareness of their environment. They also learn that reducing the volume of student drop-off traffic at school leads to greater safety for everyone.

Did You Know?

You can find out what transportation benefits are available where you live or work in Arlington?


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