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As you adjust to the new season, be aware of pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers; be alert on streets, sidewalks, and trails; and be smart--Street Smart.

Signs of fall are here. Leaves are changing colors, temperatures are dropping and the days are shorter, but with these seasonal changes comes a particularly dangerous season for pedestrians. Dark commutes, hazardous weather, and holiday traffic patterns can create a perilous combination for pedestrians and bicyclists.  To get a jump on these seasonal safety issues, the Metropolitan Council of Governments (COG) launches its Fall 2015 Street Smart  campaign this month with a focus on the safety of all modes and for all commuters–from pedestrians to bicyclists to drivers.

On Tuesday, October 27 at Market Square in Alexandria, law enforcement from suburban Maryland, the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia kicked off the Fall 2015 campaign, banding together to raise awareness of street safety in all jurisdictions and on all modes.

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Aimed at reducing the number of pedestrian injuries and deaths in the Washington metropolitan area, the Street Smart campaign is sponsored by COG and the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB).  The campaign emphasizes education of motorists and pedestrians through mass media and is meant to complement the efforts of state local governments and agencies to build safer streets and sidewalks, enforce laws, and train better drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Be a PAL

To further emphasize the importance of street safety and sharing the road, Arlington County’s Car-Free Diet, Bike Arlington and WalkArlington jointly created a campaign to remind everyone to be a PAL, Predictable-Alert-Lawful on our streets. The PAL campaign encourages pedestrians, cyclist and drivers alike to follow safety and courtesy tips while you’re out.  To learn more about these tips, visit the websites mentioned above.

So as you adjust to the new season, be aware of pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers; be alert on streets, sidewalks, and trails; and be smart–Street Smart. For more information on pedestrian safety in all seasons, visit

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  • Ann Beaston says:

    There is a dangerous patch of ice on the sidewalk in Arlington County on N. 11th street between N. Taylor and N. Stafford as of Tuesday morning, January 16, 2018. Hope nobody gets hurt before it probably melts later this week. Unless something has changed, I know from before there is no easy way to get the County to help make a sidewalk safe. I remember reporting a lot of dangerous glass on one once to the County, and was told the nearby business- not that near- was responsible. It wasn’t going to be open for two days. Maybe time for a new responsiveness?


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