3 Key Ways to Go Team Walk for Car Free Day

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Celebrate Car Free Day the best way possible, which is to say, by joining #TeamWalk!

Every year on September 22, thousands of people around the world opt in for a more sustainable transportation option on Car Free Day! In your neighborhood, you can celebrate this day by taking the pledge, picking your team and trying a new mode on Friday.

For anyone who is looking forward to Team Walk or interested by not quite sure to add walking to your day, here are three ways to try out Team Walk.

Join Team Walk this Car Free Day

1.Try a Walkabout—a Self-guided Walking Adventure

WalkArlington has put together a series of self-guided walking tours of Arlington neighborhoods call Walkabouts. Stride past Rosslyn’s gleaming skyscrapers, amble along the peaceful sidewalk of Barcroft, or journey in the footsteps of George Washington with one of our guides.

2. Take a Walking Meeting

Step outside-of-the-box and outside-of-the-office by having your group update as a walking meeting. With some fresh air and 30 minutes spent soaking in the rays, you’ll feel refreshed to conquer the rest of your Friday!

3. Go for a Walk After Work

Committing to a walk before work might be tough, especially if you’re not an early bird. So instead, go for a casual, de-stressing, post-work stroll. Not sure where to walk? Check out BikeArlington’s Comfort Level Map featuring 49 miles of paved multi-use trails and pedestrian-friendly amenities that make getting around incredibly easy.

With lots of great trails to explore and the warm weather still lingering, you’re guaranteed to see plenty of other Team Walkers out and about.

After all, Arlington is also a Gold Level Walk Friendly Community with plenty of walking adventures to choose from. Who’s ready to take the Car Free Day pledge and join Team Walk?


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