Walk to Run Errands


Driving places can be second nature to many people, particularly those who grew up in a place like I did, where streets weren’t walkable. When I was in high school, if I had tried to walk along the highway near my parents’ house with bags of groceries in my arms, I’m sure I would’ve gotten weird looks and felt unsafe.


Arlington is definitely a walkable place. While you’re doing this 8-Week Walking Challenge and going out for your thirty minutes of walking each day, I hope you’re realizing how good walking feels and how easy it is to accomplish everyday tasks and get some exercise by walking to run errands, such as picking up groceries.

Managing your shopping trips and having the right gear for your grocery runs helps a lot. Katy Lang, Active Transpotation’s Director, provided some great tips for grocery shopping without a car on WalkArlington’s blog a couple years ago, but they’re still super-relevant. Check it out.

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