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Savannah Miller is the Communications Coordinator for the Ballston BID. She is new to the Arlington area but has already fallen in love with the vibrant community and all Arlington has to offer.

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In the last few years, Ballston has undergone a renaissance of sorts. We’re proud of our technology background that includes tech giants like Amazon Web Services and DARPA and is now a travel destination in its own right with the completion of the long-anticipated Ballston Quarter and the Medstar Capitals Iceplex—home to the 2018 Stanley Cup champions, the Washington Capitals.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Ballston knows how to host a great happy hour. With more than 60 restaurants within a 5-block radius including SER, Grand Cru, A-Town, Rustico, and so many more. With Ballston Quarter opening, we can now add the title of “nightlife destination” to our name.

Several experiential businesses will be coming to Ballston within the next year. The recreational cooking school, Cookology, will be your next date night go-to with cooking bootcamps and classes for all ages and skill levels. The thrill-seekers and gamers of your group can enjoy the live-action immersion adventures of 5 Wits or bocce, arcade games, and cocktails at Punchbowl Social. Planning a night out has never been easier.

Pro Sports

2018 was a big year for the Washington Capitals. In case you haven’t heard, the Capitals won the Stanley Cup championship! The pro hockey team has called Ballston home for years now, but there’s a new excitement around the players and their practice facility at Medstar Capitals Iceplex.

Nearly 2 million fans flocked to Ballston last year for the Capitals’ Stanley Cup Send-Off, Fan Fest, and practices. During the season you can watch, and maybe even meet, your favorite players at one of their practices. Each session is completely free and open to the public. In addition, the Iceplex also offers skating and hockey classes, youth and adult leagues, games, and of course, open skate.

Redefining Life in Ballston

Over the years, Ballston has redefined what it means to live, work, and play in Arlington. We’ve expanded to a multi-faceted and diverse neighborhood and can’t wait to introduce you to the new side of Ballston.

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