Celebrate the Joys of Walking by Going Virtual

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Mary Dallao is the Program Manager for WalkArlington. She loves being outdoors and can often be found walking or running on one of Arlington’s beautiful trails.

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There are so many benefits to walking, and although National Walking Day is postponed, we can still come together and celebrate by walking together virtually on April 1.

National Walking Day is our biggest event of the year. We love being in the community, so we’re disappointed that this year’s event has been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommendations to practice social distancing. But we have a plan.

While it’s not safe to gather as groups in public, going for a walk solo or with members of our immediate household is still an option. Now more than ever, it’s important to get outside and walk to safeguard our physical and mental health.

Virtual Walking Day

The Psychological, Emotional, and Physical Benefits of Walking

We’ve planned Virtual Walking Day because walking is one way to take care of ourselves and improve our mood. Plus, it’s something we can do regardless of our fitness level.

The psychological benefits of walking have been well documented. Walking can improve our cognition, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and help alleviate stress according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Social distancing has created mental and emotional challenges because most people are working from home isolated from others or struggling to juggle parenting responsibilities while still trying to be productive in their jobs. It’s an adjustment to be hunkered down at home in our makeshift office environments for those of us who enjoy in-person interactions with colleagues and the stability of a traditional work routine. These drastic changes are leaving many of us feeling fearful, anxious, depressed, bored, and angry.

The Mayo Clinic states the physical benefits of walking are that we can “maintain a healthy weight, prevent or manage various conditions, strengthen [our] bones and muscles, and improve [our] balance and coordination.” Walking is a great way to keep up our physical and emotional health while gyms are closed and daily routines are halted.

Let’s Get Social

On April 1, go on a walk with us (virtually) and share with us where you like to go on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by posting a photo of yourself. Let’s join together for #VirtualWalkingDay to appreciate the simple pleasures of walking and share our journeys with each other.

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