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Here are some gift ideas for the walker in your life this holiday season.

The holidays are upon us. More people seem to be out there walking for their physical and mental health. Giving walking-themed gifts to friends and family can be a great way to encourage this healthy habit throughout the winter months and beyond. Here are some of our favorite gifts to give to walkers during the holiday season.

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1. Compression Socks:

Whether they suffer from plantar fasciitis, blisters, or sore feet, or just need balance support, the distance walker in your life could benefit from these comfortable socks.

2. Cooling Towel:

Walking around Arlington in the summer is hot, hot, hot! Keep your favorite walker from overheating with a handy cooling towel.

3. Baseball Cap:

No matter the season, it’s important to keep the glare of the sun off of your face while you’re walking. A cap with a wide brim made of wicking material or mesh will do the trick.

4. Inspiration Bracelet:

Give your walker loved one some encouragement by showing how you’re inspired by them every day, with a woven bracelet that includes an inspirational charm.

5. Dry Shampoo:

After a vigorous walk, a hairstyle might need some extra oomph. Keep your favorite walker looking fresh with a travel-sized container of dry shampoo.

6. Body Balm:

Even experienced walkers get blisters and chafing. To prevent, a little body balm goes a long way, and it’s a lot more effective than using plain lotion or petroleum jelly.

7. Walker Caddy:

A walker caddy can be great for the walker who needs support while walking. He or she can stash all kinds of things in the pockets without having to worry about carrying a separate bag or purse.

8. Print:

A print with an inspirational quote, particularly one that references walking, can be just the motivation your walker needs to get out there on a day when the weather isn’t so good.

9. Sunglasses:

Whether for keeping the sun out of their eyes or protecting them from the wind, a good pair of sunglasses is key for ensuring a comfortable daytime walk.

10. Water Bottle:

A hydrated walker is a happy walker. There are so many choices when it comes to water bottles. Invest in a good one that your walker will want to have along the next time he or she hits the road.

11. Bath Soak:

For recovering post-walk, give your walker a good bath soak to enjoy after an active day. There are lots of great choices out there for sore muscles and other walk-related strains.

12. Reflective Gear:

The all-seasons walker in your life might appreciate some reflective gear for dark walks. The days of oversized nylon vests are out—fashion retailers and sportswear companies now stock chic reflective accessories from shoelaces to hats to jewelry.

13. DIY Gift:

Make your own winter accessories to give to friends and family with the easy-to-use patterns that we created in partnership with BikeArlington. Choose from a full-head balaclava or ear covers/neck gaiters. You only need to know how to do a simple stitch to make them. Download the patterns and instructions below.


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