Walk For A Cause


Everybody has a different reason for walking. For instance, I have a family history of heart disease, so I walk to make sure I stay in shape. Several friends of mine use walking as their main form of transportation because they care deeply about the environment. Some people walk to bring awareness to a health cause, or social cause, that they care deeply about.

Find a Walking Group

Walking with a group is a good way to make a difference while connecting with others who share your interests and concerns.

Here are some great ways to walk for a cause locally:

For a Health Cause:

2Unstoppable was founded by two women coping with breast cancer diagnoses. The group encourages exercise and healthy living by helping women affected by cancer find a fitness buddy. 2Unstoppable has several virtual walk-n-talks on the calendar. The program is for any woman who has had a cancer diagnosis, whether newly diagnosed, in treatment, a long-term survivor, or living with metastatic disease.

For a Social or Self-Care Cause:

GirlTrek encourages African-American women and girls to use walking as a practical first step to inspire healthy living. The organization has chapters throughout the U.S., including one based in Washington, D.C. Women organize walking teams and monthly advocacy efforts.

For the Cause-Minded:

Charity Miles is an app you can download for your smartphone in the iTunes or Android store. Once you create your free account, you can choose from dozens of causes to support. For every mile you move, you help earn money for your charity from Charity Miles’s corporate sponsorship pool. You can also seek donations from family and friends.

For the Runner:

There are dozens of 5k races in Arlington that you can run or walk to support causes that matter to you. Doing a 5k is a great way to make a one-time commitment. Here are some ideas of local 5k races you may enjoy.

Why Do You Walk?

Whether you register for a 5k or join a walking group that touches your community, there are so many reasons to walk. Let us know why you walk in the private Facebook group.