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Walk and Bike to School Day is every year in early October. Keep reading to discover 6 great reasons to participate this year, even if you don't have kids!

Remember the thrill of riding a bike for the first time? The excitement of walking to school with your neighbors?

Walking and biking provides a sense of independence and adventure that doesn’t fade with age. On the first Wednesday in October, schools across Arlington County (and around the world) will walk or roll to school in celebration of Walk and Bike to School Day.

Whether you’re new to walking and rolling or a seasoned expert, don’t miss the chance to reap the countless community benefits. Although we could ramble off dozens of reasons to participate, below are our top 5 (ok…top 6).

1. Stronger sense of community

Spending time walking or biking through a neighborhood, rather than driving, promotes a sense of place and helps connect care givers, parents and students to their community. Walking and rolling to school also nurtures an opportunity for families to chat and meet new friends along the way.

2. Safer streets

Communities with higher rates of walking and bicycling tend to have lower crash rates for all travel modes. Drivers are more likely to be aware of their surroundings in areas with high pedestrian and bicycle activity. Remember what your Momma taught you – there’s safety in numbers. Having more “eyes on the street” provides a safer environment for all to enjoy.

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3. Encourages healthier lifestyles

Studies have found that walking to school is associated with higher overall physical activity throughout the day, helping students meet the recommended 60 minutes of daily activity. Even a brief 22 minute walk can prevent chronic diseases, increase alertness and improve overall wellness.

4. Improved accessibility & traffic congestion

Enabling families and students of all abilities to walk, bike and roll to school makes it easier for everyone in the community to get around. Reducing the number of private vehicles commuting to schools can help the County reduce traffic congestion and improve mobility for all.

5. Lower costs

Let’s face it – walking and biking to school saves serious $$$. Families save on gas, school districts spend less on busing and communities spend less on building and maintaining roads.

6. Increased happiness

In addition to savoring the wind in your hair, people who walk 8.6 minutes a day are 33% more likely to report better mental health. Researchers have also found active commuters tend to enjoy the journey more than those who endure the daily gridlock…so join #APSWalkBike2School and smile more, Arlington!

Remember – Even if you don’t have kiddos participating in Walk & Bike to School Day, please be a PAL and mindful of your neighbors.


This blog was updated in October 2019. 

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