Top Ten Places to Walk In Arlington

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Mary Dallao is the Program Manager for WalkArlington. She loves being outdoors and can often be found walking or running on one of Arlington’s beautiful trails.

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Arlington has many great places to walk. Here’s our top ten list of best places to go for a stroll this fall, as suggested by participants in WalkArlington’s Fall 2020 8-Week Walking Challenge.

Mid-way through WalkArlington’s Fall 2020 8-Week Walking Challenge, we’ve noticed a trend, as program participants share photos of their daily, 30-minute walks to hold themselves accountable and exchange tips about best places to go. Certain spots keep bubbling up as favorite destinations. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten places to go walking in Arlington, according to our 8-Week Walking Challenge participants.


Top Ten Places to Walk

10. Jackson Street (on Halloween)

In the fall, this street in the Ashton Heights neighborhood is Halloween Decorating Central in Arlington. Neighbors on this street go all-out each year with some amazing displays (think: a huge hearse driven by a skeleton parked in someone’s front yard!). Be sure to check it out in late October!

9. Bon Air Rose Garden

Whether the roses are blooming or not, Bon Air Rose Garden gets props for being a peaceful retreat on a busy day or a quiet spot for a walk in the evening. Learn about the many kinds of roses growing here, explore the nearby sun and shade gardens maintained by the Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia, and extend your walk in Bon Air Park.

8. Long Branch Nature Center

Stroll along the stream and take in fall colors near the Long Branch Nature Center. You may even come across some turtles!

7. Horses at Fort Myer

One member of the 8-Week Walking Challenge likes to visit the horses at Fort Myer during her walks. These horses are used for ceremonial purposes at Arlington National Cemetery and stabled at Fort Myer. Apparently if you walk along the bike path on the east/south side of Route 50 near the Henry Gate of Fort Myer you will walk right past them.

6. Four Mile Run/W&OD/Bluemont Junction Trails

These three trails all intersect at some point, making it possible to do an epic, woodsy walk with lots of fun diversions. Highlights include “The Caboose” along the W&OD, the professional disc golf course in Bluemont Park, lots of playgrounds, and “The Boulders” along the Bluemont Junction Trail (a collection of big rocks along the trail that kids like to climb on).

5. U.S. Air Force Memorial

This is a wonderful place to walk because it’s not super-crowded and it offers a great view of D.C. Try doing WalkArlington’s Columbia Pike self-guided walking tour, which ends at the Air Force Memorial.

4. U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial/Netherlands Carillon

Another must-see Arlington memorial! Walk here from Rosslyn, passing Dark Star Park along the way, which is also worth a visit. You can take in the memorial and the adjacent Netherlands Carillon. Pack a picnic, sit on a bench, and contemplate the Washington Monument in the distance. The best views of D.C. are from the carillon.

3. Columbia Gardens Cemetery

Several walking challenge participants walk here yet it’s not on many people’s radar screens. Columbia Gardens Cemetery is green, tranquil, and filled with flowering trees. It has several good paths for taking a leisurely stroll, and visitors are encouraged to walk here. The cemetery is operated by an Arlington family and has been around for decades, so it has a nice air of history.

2. Theodore Roosevelt Island

This is such a wonderful place to walk and appreciate nature. Cross the bridge from the parking area (easily walkable from the Rosslyn Metro, or you can take Capital Bikeshare right to the footbridge!) and take in views of Georgetown and the Potomac. Walk on the island’s nature trails and stop at the memorial plaza to admire the statue of Teddy Roosevelt.

1. Lubber Run Park

This is a small park, but it has a peaceful feel that makes it great for short, contemplative walks. Enjoy the stream and the tall trees, sit on a bench, and just appreciate being in nature.

More Places to Walk

Want to find other great places to walk in Arlington? Check out one of our self-guided walking tours.

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