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Feeling inspired by the upcoming US FreedomWalk Festival® and interested in exploring Arlington further? We’ve got you covered with more than 25 self-guided walking tour maps!

The US FreedomWalk Festival® returns to Arlington County next week! Who’s ready for a walking challenge? Don’t worry; it’s non-competitive, social, and brings participants of all ages and abilities together—just what we like to hear.

The weekend-long event kicks off on Friday, October 13 with our Program Director, Henry Dunbar, as the keynote speaker and ultimate cheerleader of Arlington County’s walk-friendly culture. There will also be a short “Welcome Walk” on Friday afternoon, where participants from across the world often sport small flags in their hats or on their backpacks to identify their country.

Group walking along trail

Saturday and Sunday will each feature different routes and trail lengths. Saturday walkers can choose their walk from nearly four miles to 27 miles—go, walkers! The shorter trails visit international-themed locations and the longer trails take participants on a tour of US architecture, monuments, and parks in the nation’s capital, and to memorials honoring those who created and sacrificed for freedom.

Sunday’s trail walks branch out to the C&O Canal and other parks, depending on the distance selected by participants.

While primarily a walking event, participants will also have the opportunity for a swim event at the Rosslyn Holiday Inn pool and, new this year, a bike component will be an opportunity to complete a VolksTriathlon.

Throughout the weekend, you’ll see participants embracing the three themes:

  • Fitness through walking.
  • Learning about US history and freedoms
  • Making friends from all over the world

Now, clear your schedule to join one or all of their treks and make some lasting memories!

How Can You Participate?

You may register at the start location (the Rosslyn Holiday Inn at Key Bridge) beginning at 10 a.m. on Friday, October 13.  The Opening Ceremony will commence at 4 p.m. Visit for more details.

Want More Walk-Friendly Locations in Arlington County?

If the US FreedomWalk Festival® has left you feeling energized, we’ve got you covered to explore more Arlington sites by foot! WalkArlington offers over 25 self-guided walking tours of Arlington called Walkabouts.

Each Walkabout will help you discover the beauty, history, and walkability of Arlington’s vibrant neighborhoods. Download your free Walkabout today!

Click to download individual Walkabout maps


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