Celebrate Walk & Bike to School Day on October 10

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Katy Lang was previously Program Director for Active Transportation. She started living car-free in Arlington in 2010 and is passionate about finding great running routes and safety for people walking and biking.

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Join families across Arlington County and the world in celebrating Walk and Bike to School Day on Wednesday, October 10.

How do we help kids have a great day at school, foster community, and make our streets safer? We celebrate International Walk & Bike to School Day, of course! Join the students of Arlington Public Schools (and around the world) to celebrate International Walk & Bike to School Day on Wednesday, October 10.

Walking and biking provides a sense of independence and adventure that doesn’t fade with age. Whether you’re already walking or rolling with your kids, or have been wanting to try it, don’t miss the chance to reap the community benefits and join the celebrations. Although there are dozens of reasons to participate, we’re sharing our top five:

1. Fosters Community and a Sense of Place

Spending time walking or biking through a neighborhood, rather than driving, promotes a sense of place and helps connect care givers, parents, and students to their community. Walking and rolling to school also nurtures an opportunity for families to chat and meet new friends along the way.

2. Starts the Day Right

Walking and biking increases physical activity which helps students reach the recommended 60 minutes of daily activity. Studies also show that these activities also lead to kids being more focused and alert in the classroom.

3. Supports Safer Streets

Events like Walk and Bike to School Day raises awareness of walking and biking in a community. This awareness can lead to the implementation of policy or design changes that can make it safer to walk and bike—not just for students, but for everyone.  At the same time, reducing the number of private vehicles commuting to schools can help the County reduce traffic congestion and improve mobility for all.

4. Saves Money

Walking and biking to school saves serious $$$. Families save on gas, school districts spend less on busing, and communities spend less on building and maintaining roads.

5. Brings smiles

What’s better than the thrill of riding a bike, exploring your neighborhood day, or catching up with friends while on a walk? Researchers have found that active commuters tend to enjoy the journey more than those who endure the daily gridlock in their cars.

So join WalkArlington and BikeArlington for a day of strolling and rolling for #APSWalk2SchoolDay.

Editor’s Note: This blog was published in September 2017 and has been republished with new information written by Katy Lang.

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