Top 5 Things We’re Thankful For This Year

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Alli Henry is the former Program Manager for WalkArlington.

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From street improvements that make walking and biking better to our great volunteers, WalkArlington and BikeArlington reflect on all that they're thankful for in Arlington.

Keeping with tradition, BikeArlington and WalkArlington are teaming up to share some of the things we’re thankful for in Arlington. While there is always more to do and strategies to rethink, it’s nice to reflect and appreciate all the good things happening in our County.

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New Infrastructure

This topped our list last year, and it’s back! Arlington County planners, engineers and other staff continue to make great small improvements across the county. It’s exciting to see these low-cost improvements pop up throughout the community–from flex posts and curb bump outs that shorten crossing distances to thoughtful striping plans that create buffered and protected bike lanes.


Paved, multi-use trails are the most popular outdoor amenity offered by Arlington County Parks and Recreation, with over 73% of respondents from the POPS’s survey identifying them as important. Whether you’re getting where you need to go or taking some time to enjoy the outdoors, there’s a great trail near you.

Report a Problem Tool  

With Arlington County’s Report A Problem tool, it’s easier than ever to alert the County to non-emergency issues (ie., damaged sidewalks, potholes or broken streetlights). In a few short clicks, you can drop a pin on the map and leave county staff a quick note. Sign up to get started.

New Research

With Arlington County forecasting a population growth of almost 40% by 2045, we love seeing commuting by bike and walking on the rise. However, there are still folks with hesitations. To better understand existing perceptions, we held focus groups–in partnership with Mobility Lab— to identify personal barriers preventing people from making more trips by foot and two wheels. The research uncovered several key barriers including lack of access to a comfortable, straightforward route and disregard for traffic laws by all road users. Keep reading to see what we learned from your neighbors.

PAL Ambassadors

Arlington PAL volunteers with painted crosswalk

Photo Credit: C. Alfredo Castro

We’re building a community-driven movement to make the county’s streets safer for all users. Through positive messaging and creative community events, Arlington’s PAL Ambassadors help encourage pedestrians, bikes and vehicles to share the streets and #BEaPAL (predictable, alert and lawful). They’ve got pizza nights, pop-up block parties, and crosswalk theater events — all fun and free. Ready to do your part, and join the movement? Become a PAL Volunteer!

Bike + Walk Volunteers

It’s no secret, WalkArlington and BikeArlington have some awesome local supporters and volunteers! We’ve had a busy year collaborating with local partners to offer a range of on-bike training, community walking tours, and joint Active Transportation social events. Our dedicated volunteers helped us hand out 1,200 lights and reflective giveaways to folks on the trails, shared helpful Bike and Walk materials at the County Fair and supported Arlington County’s Bicycle Element Update pop-up events. Of course, none of our team’s efforts would be successful without folks like you working hard to make walking and biking even better.

Join the Fun

What are you thankful for this year? Share your thoughts with @bikearlington and @walkarlington on Twitter using hashtag #ARLThankful.

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